From Single-Molecules to Ensemble Collaborations

From Single-Molecules to Ensemble Collaborations is a network of scientists who work on single molecules in biomedical research - all defined in the broadest possible terms. The aim of the Network is to bring together people who seek to answer disparate biomedical problems using complementary techniques. The group includes biologists, biochemists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, electrophysiologists, immunologists, physicists, and more.

Membership is open to all researchers at the Crick Institute and the Partner Universities - Imperial, KCL, UCL.

  • The Network meets for Forums three times per year at the Crick, where talks are organised around a lunch with time for informal networking and meeting.
  • A Slack channel acts as a wiki and a place to share problems and solutions.
  • Every 6 weeks or so PhD students and Postdocs have an informal tea/coffee catchup where we can ask 'stupid' questions, discuss problems and share solutions in person.

If you would like join the network please get in touch.